Death penalty essay for scholarship

16 Dec

For many years many people have wondered whether or not the death penalty should be in place.  There are many arguments for and against this practice. Some people believe it should be because you are getting rid of a person who is dangerous to the human race. Others believe it should not be allowed because people who get the death penalty are getting off easily.

Being from a state where it is performed as well as the state with the most executions, this topic comes up a lot during politics and in the classroom. I personally am in favor of the death penalty because I believe that it can be effective.

Overcrowding is a problem in many jails and prisons across the United States that cannot be ignored. Millions of individuals are arrested each year for many different crimes. These individuals all need a place to stay until their court date and afterwards once they have been sentenced. On average it cost taxpayers about $30,000 a year to keep an inmate in prison.

I believe it would be a better choice to kill a convicted murder and remove them from prison.  Not only would it free up space for other inmates and save taxpayer’s money, I believe it would also make society a little bit safer. No one would have to worry about these people possibly escaping and harming anyone else.

I also think that the death penalty is a good policy because some people are afraid of death. I believe the death penalty could be a deterrent to crime and even reduce some crimes if people knew that their punishment could end their life. I think that if people know it is a possibility that their crime might have them killed they would think twice before murdering someone.

Finally, I’m in favor of the death penalty because it has saved lives. By killing someone on death row, we will be stopping them from preventing further crimes and saving people they might have hurt later on.

There are many reasons to be in favor or against the death penalty. The death penalty helps with the overcrowding population and removes dangerous felons from society. It is up to all of us to look into it and make an informed decision for ourselves. For me, that decision is to be in favor of the death penalty because I believe that it helps.


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